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Win a Copy of Everyday Justice

27 October 2009 16 Comments

Everyday Justice #3628Loyal blog readers – you’ve heard me talk about it, commented on my ideas in their original blog rant format, and have seen me publish my book Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices. Now it’s your chance to win a free copy! (non-loyal readers, critics, and newbies are more than welcome to enter too).

If you are unfamiliar with the book, Everyday Justice explores how our daily actions (like what we eat or wear) connect us to people around the world. These daily actions can often though support systems of injustice that cheat and oppress people. Everyday Justice gives biblical support for why seeking justice for the oppressed is a faith issue and gives practical everyday suggestions for how we can choose to subvert systems of oppression and demonstrate love to others instead.

So if you are interested in discovering more about faith and justice, or are looking for practical everyday ways you can work for justice, Everyday Justice can be a valuable resource. And I’m giving away a copy here for my blog readers. All I ask is that you leave a comment below where you tell me either one practical thing you do to seek justice or post a question you have about justice. (I’ll interact with them in later posts). Or if you really can’t think of anything to say because you have no idea what justice is all about (and so really need to read the book) – just leave your name and say “I want the book.” You have until Sunday Nov. 1 at midnight (Central) to leave a comment and the winner (based on some super scientific selection process involving my 4 year old) will be announced Monday morning.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your comments!

(and if you are interested in increasing your chances of winning, the same offer is up at julieclawson.com)


  • Rebecca said:


    I really want to read your book, especially during this time of Thanksgiving/Harvest/Stewardship. I think it would be very helpful to my preaching on this topic. I have been longing for such a book for a long time. Will you be posting updates? And can we sign up for email? I’d love to know the names of the companies that are the grossest violators of basic human rights, etc., so I can make sure not to give them any $$!

    Grace to you and Peace.

  • Lacy said:


    I have become impassioned about Human Trafficking and the injustices that humans face. I have stopped eating a certain chocolate because of their background in slave labor; their sourcing from the Ivory Coast of Africa. I try and spread the word to anyone I come in contact with about how they can take a step towards stopping or not encouraging slave labor. The chocolate that I now buy bears the fair trade stamp or is organic which has a higher chance of being fair trade. I’m working on getting the information out to my local news papers and stations as well; hoping that if the information is out there people will stop supporting products that are slave labor. A friend of mine and I have been participating with IJM:International Justice Mission, as well to try and educate people and raise money to free individuals from whatever unjust slavery their facing. I have started buying any beauty products that I use from The Body Shop because their items are Community trade and some of their items proceeds go to stop sex trafficking. I really hope that you consider me for this book give away because I would love to have a copy of it to read and learn more about the injustices and how I can possibly help combat them; and then share it with others. Thank you for taking the time to compile a book like this, I hope that with the information out there people will become more educated on the subject and take steps in their own lives to seek justice for others. Thank you for your time and I hope you’re having a great day.

    God Bless.

  • Thresa said:

    Julie, I would really love to have your book. I would like to bring it up for our next small group book study. We will be taking on a project to help with and your book could be invaluable!

  • Ilias said:

    Matchless topic
    Thank you

  • joanna said:

    I try to be very aware of my purchases of new thins and food- do I know where and how it was manufactured? Do I want to support the brand and the store selling it? For me, this is a day-to-day way I can support justice.

    As an aside, I’m our (mega)church’s librarian, so books I win end up on the shelves, available to thousands of people. I love adding books about social justice to raise awareness.

  • Laurel said:

    An important subject in this day and age. It’s time to act and be a voice through action. Thank you for writing this book Julie. I enjoyed looking through it and having the honor of writing a review on it.


  • Gustavo K-fé Frederico said:

    I have been thinking lately how to seek justice daily. It’s a big problem here in Brazil (I’m temporarily here in Brazil, but I live in Canada). We just see injustice everywhere all the time. The question is: what should a Christian do when they see injustice? I asked that to a small circle of friends and they told me: to speak prophetically against injustice. Easier to say than to do! How far do we go? How picky should I be? Do I fight every battle? What about those who park at the handicaped spot? And this is in our small circles. The problem becomes bigger when we think about the ‘social pact’ that is this thing called democracy. We have huge institutions and we feel like we have almost no relationship to them. They are almost invisible. I’m thinking about big corporations and governments mainly. At least here in Brazil I can see a big vacuum between Theology and practice. ” The gospel” has become some abstract idea. Our language is so bad that it’s even hard to speak about justice correlating that to what we hear in current Christian circles.

    And, BTW, I want the book!

  • cindy said:

    julie i’ve been following your progress with your book and can’t wait to read it!

  • Darien Gabriel said:

    I’d love a copy to share with others who need a spur on this great issue. I look forward to reading too, of course! Keep the good stuff coming! Go God!

  • Matt said:

    I try to challenge our congregation to look for ways we can speak up for justice in our community, and not assume that “I Have A Dream” fixed everything. Not easy to do in a military town where revenge and justice are often synonyms.

  • Jonathan "Sigs" Sigmon said:

    I commented at both your personal blog and at the website here. Does that count for anything? Can’t wait to read the book and share it with others!

  • Will said:

    Hey Julie!

    Are you familiar with Workers Defense Project here in town? I suspect you would really admire their work. Their mission is very simple, but it’s basically to prevent slave labor that occurs through wage theft. Unfortunately slave labor is a normal occurrence in Texas. WDP has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen wages in the last few years, mostly on behalf of blue-collar workers who do not have the resources to recover their wages on their own. That dollar amount gives you an idea of both how big the problem is and how effective WDP has been at correcting it. Talk about serving everyday justice in our own back yard!



  • Nancy said:

    Two years ago we built DIY compost bins in our back yard. Along with our regular recycling, we’ve been able to reduce our garbage waste by nearly 1/2. We continue to look for ways to lower the amount of garbage we send to landfills.
    Thanks for the contest–hope we get a free copy of your new book!

  • Caedmon said:

    I’m making a switch to eating more local produce, am nearly free of packaged foods from big factories, and for foods that just don’t grow locally (e.g., coffee), I’m paying attention to where it comes from and who is producing it. This has caused my food bills to increase. To make up for the difference, I have stopped purchasing new clothes (which might be harder for me than giving up coffee).

  • Jennifer Wildeboer said:

    Hi Julie!

    I love this topic and can’t wait to read the book! One thing Matt and I have been doing is trying to follow Dave Ramsey’s ideas to get out of debt so that we can afford to give more of our income to people and not debt. We know that being free from debt will allow us to give as much as needed in the moment without having to budget it in, and that is our dream. :)

    Good stuff!

  • Denise Matthews said:

    I dont really have a story of personal justice.
    but am always looking to grow. book sounds interesting. I’d like a copy, please!
    -Denise M.

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